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College Lead Exchange is the first platform of its kind – purpose built to connect postsecondary schools with prospective enrollees who best match your admissions criteria.
  • We Give You the Tools to Pre-Screen Prospects
  • All Prospective Enrollees Have Raised Their Hands and Asked Us to Help Connect Them with Programs and Schools Like Yours
  • Our platform Operates at Scale; No Limits to Capacity or Delivery


  • Shauna Hardwick | Senior Recruiter — Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
    ““…an amazing new database for higher education... College Lead Exchange was beyond easy and super user friendly!””
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  • Darrel Hanbury – College Enrollment Executive
    “Let's Change The Game…Both Sides Deserve Better”
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  • Dan Marlow – CFO – American Business and Technology University
    “ the eBay of higher education!”
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