There are thousands of college, university, professional, trade and certificate programs that are staring at the precipice of demise because of falling enrollment and revenue. And yet, all too often, those responsible for these programs refuse – or are not able – to change what and how they do things in order to turn things around.

Anyone remember the dike, hole and boy’s finger? It didn’t end well.

The time has come for higher education to change how it connects with prospective students. Buying lists or leads on a contractual basis is less effective with every enrollment period. For decades, marketing and admissions executives have focused efforts on quantity – reach and touch more people in order to drive enrollment. Still, all too many face double-digit declines in year-to-year enrollment and revenues.

The more-is-better approach to recruiting isn’t working anymore. The time has come to reconsider the value of quality – the intrinsic value of connecting with prospective students by inviting them to participate in the decision process.

That’s why we created the and platform.

One side of the platform encourages colleges to register, identify the kinds of students they’d like to speak to – based on common interests, offerings, skills and targets. The other side of the platform does the same for prospective students – allows them to tell you who they are, what interests them and what will help move the needle to get them to consider, apply and enroll.

Our vision, strategy and execution are driven by expertise, experience and commitment.

  • Experts in higher education identified the need
  • Experienced digital media and marketing executives conceived the solution
  • As a company, we are committed to expanding the abilities of prospective students to “raise their hands” and say “I’m interested!” in hopes of finding the right match for them.

While we include the entire spectrum of prospective students, our emphasis is on the specific needs of adult learners, particularly those who are under-employed or under-educated and have a true need to self-identify and be recognized by the right college or school at the right time with the right offerings.

We hope you’ll take this journey with us and try the platform. All you need do is register online and describe by indicating – simple checkmarks suffice- your target students and which programs you’d like to fill. Our technology will then identify those who best match your target student. No purchase is necessary to see how it works – and no contract is necessary to deploy the platform in order to address your specific recruiting needs in a new and unique manner. Tell us who you want, how many you want, and our platform will do the rest.

If you want the contact information on the prospective enrollees the platform turns up, buy it; if you don’t…well, don’t.

Watch this space for more information about us, our successes, the new Best Practices in Recruitment, and industry-wide information. Also, remember to connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep abreast of the higher education arena and share your thoughts and opinions.