How it Works

  • 1 Register
    on The Exchange
    • Build Your Institution’s Profile
    • Outline Your Programs and Offerings
    • Define the Student Profiles and Attributes You Want
  • 2 Focus Your Lead Search
    • Specify Your Target Skills, Interests and Backgrounds
    • Focus on The Entire School or a Specific Program
    • Actively Manage or Automate Much of the Process
  • 3Get Your
    Leads and
    • We Filter Profiles to Match Your Stated Needs
    • Specify Lead Properties and Opportunities
    • Profiles are Delivered in the Form and Format of Your Choosing
    • We Scale with You and Your Needs


The most-asked questions about College Lead Exchange

Q: I’ve been dealing with lead providers for years; what’s so different about College Lead Exchange?

A: First off, we don’t “send” leads to you. You must come and get them. But you get to pick-and-choose which leads you want; you set the criteria, the system tells you how many are available that fit that criteria, and you buy some, all or none. The price is clearly shown, so there are no surprises. It’s like a supermarket. When you are hungry and there’s no food in the cupboard you go the market, look around, and buy what you want when you want it.  Same thing with College Lead Exchange. But we don’t carry milk or bread; we carry prospective enrollees.


Q: Where do these leads originate?

A: We use multiple sources, including our sister site, call-verified exclusive sources, and from established and trusted third-parties.


Q: How fresh are these leads?

A: We generate and ingest new leads into the platform on a continuous basis, 24/7/365.


Q: What conversion rate can I expect?

A: As you know, conversions are based on two key drivers: the quality of the leads and how good your team is at selling your school. We can only control one of those two variants.  But to help your conversion rate we only supply you with leads that meet your own unique criteria.


Q: Is there a minimum purchase required?

A: No. (Though we do suggest you start with enough leads to run a month-long test using at least one of your admissions representatives as a control.)


Q: Will the leads be sold to other schools?

A: Maybe. Prospective enrollees tell us how many schools they want to hear from; it could be anywhere from one to five. It’s up to the student to decide how many institutions they want contacting them.


Q: Is there a membership fee or any hidden costs?

A: No. None whatsoever.


Q: How do we pay for the files/leads?

A: You’ll be billed monthly via purchase order established after your first purchase. You are billed for exactly what you buy when you want to buy them.


Q: How often can I check the platform to see what’s available that fits the lead profiles I have selected?  A: As often as you’d like or need. There are no limitations on your use of the platform – come once or come 500 times, it’s up to you. And, because you set the requirements and control your lead criteria, you can update those parameters at any time.


We hope you’ve found this Q&A helpful and interesting. Please feel free to review or register at at any time, or contact us directly for assistance, answers or additional information.